Meals of a Chef’s kitchen

Duck foie gras panna cotta with rosehip coulis, hazelnut grillage and fresh green pea shoots – István Kovács03-Andrea-Peto-photo-Kacsamaj-pannacotta-net

Beetroot cream soup with wasabi mousse and baby arugula – István Kovács01-Andrea-Peto-photo-Cekla-leves-net

Marinated mackerel on a bed of quinoa with gremolata and dried olives – István Kovács04-Andrea-Peto-photo-Pacolt-makrela-net

Gravlax with avocado and cucumber mousse and lime-flavoured cauliflower purée – István Kovács02-Andrea-Peto-photo-Lazac-net

Beetroot carpaccio with poached egg, herbed crumbs, peeled walnuts and chive chlorophyll – István Kovács05-Andrea-Peto-photo-Cekla-carpaccio-net

Cod with squid risotto, preserved lime, sea asparagus, fennel and sausage chips – István Kovács06-Andrea-Peto-photo-Tokehal-net

Grilled duck foie gras with a Hungarian ratatouille ragout, creamed capia peppers, green peas and fried onion – István Kovács07-Andrea-Peto-photo-Kacsamaj-lecsoraguval-net

Quail with beluga and red lentils, pear chips and jus – István Kovács08-Andrea-Peto-photo-Furj-net

Rack of lamb in a herbed crust with beluga lentils, an oyster mushroom ragout and green pea purée – István Kovács09-Andrea-Peto-photo-Baranygerinc-net

Glacéed pork jowl with venison liver, pearl barley risotto with sweet potatoes and beetroot purée – István Kovács10-Andrea-Peto-photo-Ozmaj-es-tokaszalonna-net